At the Start of the 2016-17 season the European windstorm Center started to collect windstorm intensity data. This data could be considered a storms final observed intensity.

====European Cyclone Natalie (01R)====
LAT/LONG          DATE          TIME       PRESSURE       WIND (EST.)     CATEGORY
55.69N, 27.65W    1 AUGUST      2200       1001 MBR      30 MPH             EC
55.39N, 17.14W    2 AUGUST      2345       996 MBR       40 MPH             ONE
57.01N, 3.42W     3 AUGUST      2355       991 MBR       45 MPH             ONE
61.11N, 6.33E     4 AUGUST      2235       1002 MBR      30 MPH             EC
63.57N, 13.29E    5 AUGUST      2200       1006 MBR      25 MPH             ED

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