Tropical Cyclone and Windstorm Basins Edit

A map showing the nine official Tropical cyclone basins, marking their Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC) and Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (TCWC) these are coloured orange. The two unofficial ones are the North Atlantic European Windstorm Basin and The Mediterranean Tropical Cyclone Basin these are marked in green.

TC WS Basins Worldwide

Worldwide Active Tropical Cyclones and Windstorms Edit

Hurricane Gaston
Minimum Pressure: 961 mbar
Maximum Winds: 115 mph
Tropical Depression Eight
Minimum Pressure: 1010 mbar
Maximum Winds: 35 mph
Tropical Storm Hermine
Minimum Pressure: 1000 mbar
Maximum Winds: 40 mph
Hurricane Lester
Minimum Pressure: 954 mbar
Maximum Winds: 130 mph
Hurricane Madeline
Minimum Pressure: 990 mbar
Maximum Winds: 75 mph
Key to Tropical Cyclone locations-0

Tropical Cyclones and European Windstorms

North Indian (NIO) 

Arabian Sea (ARB)

No Active Storms

Bay of Bengal (BOB)

No Active Storms                            

European Windstorms (EWC)


No Active Storms


Mediterranean Sea (MED)

No Active Storms

Australian (AUS)

No Active Storms

:North Atlantic (NATL)

 <p style="color:rgb(106,239,183);">Hurricane Gatson


Tropical Depression Eight


Tropical Storm Hermine

Eastern and Central Pacific (EPAC + CPAC)

Hurricane Lester


Hurricane Madeline

South Pacific (SPAC)

No Active Storms

South-West Indian Ocean (SWIO)

No Active Storms

West Pacific (WPAC)

No Active Storms

Useful Websites Edit

Useful Webpages
General Resources*

European Windstorms and Mediterranean Tropical Cyclones

Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers

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